Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Latest

The second week of work and daycare went great!
Here is Quinn with her sweet daycare providers:
Miss Jameka

Quinn was a little fussy when we tried to take this picture. I need to get a better one of her. Miss Jameka is great! She is due with her 4th child in April, and you cannot even tell that she is pregnant!
Miss Candace

Miss Candace loves to snuggle with Quinn. She won't let me put her in the crib when we get there in the mornings. She just wants to hold her and rock her:)
Quinn had a little trouble sleeping the first week of daycare. She would just take 2-3 20 minute catnaps. She has always taken short naps, but she usually sleeps a little longer than that. She is still sleeping great at night though! I think it was just a combination of the new environment and sounds. This week she is finally sleeping a whole hour in a half in the afternoon. This is how I found her last Friday when I went to pick her up.
Poor baby girl was all tuckered out. I cannot talk about how much I love our daycare enough. It gives me such piece of mind knowing that she is in good hands.
Quinn has officially outgrown her Puj tub. She has been taking baths in the sink in this tub, but she is ready for her own bath in the bathtub. Her sweet Daddy bathed her in her first tub bath last week.

She loved it! She loves her baths. You just have to keep her warm:) She officially turned 3 months old last Thursday. Here is a picture from that day.

3 Months!

Of course she had to have a valentine's day outfit this week.

I love leg warmers on her. She just looks so cute!

She has graduated to the big Dr. Brown bottles since she is now at around 4.5 ounces a bottle. They just look huge! She was starting to try to hold the smaller 4 ounce bottles, but I'm not sure she knows what to do with this new bottle.

We are getting excited about this weekend. Quinn's Aunt Jena, Uncle Will, and cousin Mary Evans are coming to visit Charleston for the first time. We are going to have so much fun. I cannot wait to see the cousins together.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

We Survived!

Well..we survived our first week of work and daycare! As I was packing her things for daycare Monday morning, I realized that I had been in complete denial about that day. I had thought that I would be fine with dropping her off for that first half day, but when reality set in that morning, I started to feel the tears coming and a sense of panic! John saw my face, and he skipped his class to come to the daycare with me. Honestly, I think he was just as emotional about it as I was. I caught him staring at her while she slept in her bassinet that morning:) I'm so glad that she went to daycare a couple of days before I started back at work. I couldn't imagine going to work that day.  Here are a few pictures of her daycare supplies:
I realized after I took the picture that I put the tag on her bag that has the wrong number for John. They have the right one now.  Here is a picture of Quinn on her first day of daycare. I think her face is saying, "you are taking me where??"
Of course, she did fine! Her daycare providers could not be any nicer, and she was a happy baby at daycare all week.  I love that the daycare is right by my office, and there are only 4 other babies in the room with Quinn. I'm so blessed to have found a daycare that makes me feel comfortable. It helps me feel a little better about going back to work.
2nd day going to daycare

I now understand why parents feel they don't get to see their babies during the week. By the time I pick her up and get home, I only get around 2 hours of play time before she goes to sleep. I'm so excited about having her all weekend! It has made me realize that I'm going to change my work schedule. Before she was born, my hours were 8:30-5:00 or 5:30. That way I could get parents to bring their children in for testing after work and school. I'm now thinking I'm going to do 7:30-4:00 so that I get more time with my sweetheart! Obviously, my priorities have changed.
Loving on her Daddy

She is now obsessed with her hands. She tries to put her entire fist in her mouth. She is almost not even interested in her pacifier anymore. She is getting stronger every day with holding her head up! Such a strong little girl!  We are both working on our sleep schedule for work. This week kicked both of our butts with getting up earlier than normal. She went down at 8:30 each night instead of 10:30. I think we will both be more prepared next week.