Friday, November 18, 2011

First Week at Home as a Family of Three!

Dressed and ready to go home!
After a couple of nights in the hospital, it was time to go home this past Saturday! After spending 3 full days in the hospital,  this new mama was ready to get outside for a little while too:)  We dressed her up in her sweet outfit from Aunt Gigi, and she looked adorable. As you can see, I have come around to liking pink now. My family went back to Mississippi on Saturday only because they are coming right back up in 10 days for Thanksgiving, and I cannot wait for them to come back! Quinn gets to meet her cousin, Reese, next week! They were awesome and stocked our freezer with a ton of frozen meals Mom made for us. John's parents were able to stay until Monday morning, and it was great to have those extra days to really get to visit with them! Her Cat was a big help when mama wanted to take a nice hot shower.

I know she looks really content and happy in this picture, but Quinn did not like the car seat at all! She cried the whole way out of the hospital to the car. After a couple of minutes of riding, she calmed down, and she was fine. Once we got home, it was time to meet our brothers.

As you can see, our weimaraner, Ace, is obsessed with her! He just sits and stares at her. He gets so upset when she starts to cry. I literally have to fight with him to get to her because he tries to get to her first. Eddie is not really interested in her. He is just a little jealous of the attention she is getting. I'm just so glad that they are reacting so well to the new addition. I was a little worried, but everything is going great!

At the risk of jinxing it, she is doing really well with her feedings. She is eating around every 3hrs, and she definitely lets us know when she is hungry. We had our first pediatrician's appointment this past Tuesday. Her discharge weight was 6 pounds 13 ounces, and she weighed in at 6 pounds 12 ounces that day. Since it could have been the difference in scales from the hospital to the clinic, we went back on Thursday for a weight check. Our munchkin gained 3 ounces in 2 days! Definitely have a good little eater on our hands.

She isn't a big fan of swaddling unless I leave her hands out to go up by her face. She has to has to have her hands up by her face to sleep. She is really alert and awake after eating during the day. I love seeing those pretty big eyes!

We've have such great friends here in Charleston, and a few were able to come over this week to meet Quinn.
Loved meeting Erin and Chris

Snuggling with Josh

Going for our first stroll with Alisha and Celia!

I cannot believe that she is already 1 week old! I know that we are probably just running on adrenaline, but this past week has been full of wonderful new experiences. I am so glad that John has all week off of school next week so that we get a few days of just us at the house. I know it has been tough on him having to leave every morning. In case I slack again for a few days, I hope everyone has a wonderful Turkey Day next week!!

Meet Quinn O'Neil Stone!

Born: 11/10/11 @ 1:23
Weight: 7 pounds 6 ounces
Height: 19 3/4

I still am in awe of the fact that our little munchkin is finally here with us!! We were so blessed to have a smooth labor and delivery. I believe the total labor time was 5 hrs and 23 minutes. I have to definitely thank the Mt. Pleasant hospital staff for being so amazing to us the whole time we were there! We could not have asked for better care!

The night before..last pregnancy picture

Dr. Bradford and Quinn

Love our thumb!

Throughout the pregnancy, we assumed that it would most likely be just us in the hospital when she arrived, but since we ended up scheduling the induction, our families were able to be there with us! It would not have been the same if they hadn't been there to celebrate this special day!

Nana and Cat
Nana and Paw Paw
With Aunt Jessica