Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fun with an 8 month old!

I am having so much fun being home with Quinn this summer. I'm so sad that we only have two weeks left together. The summer has gone by so fast! So far, I love the 8 month stage. She has so much personality. She is crawling!! It's not perfect, but she is definitely getting around. There now isn't a safe spot in my house. She is able to go across the room before I even know it.

She loves going after my glasses, phone, and the dogs. She gets so excited when the dogs come around. She starts jumping up and down, and then she slaps them on the head. Ace doesn't really mind. He just lets her pull his ears, lip, and fur. Eddie isn't as much a fan.

 She still loves to pull herself up on everything. She was trying so hard to pull herself up on our chair the other day.

I caught her pulling the bottom drawer open on our chest in the den, and then she tried to pull herself up on it. We are in trouble now. It is definitely time to start baby proofing the house. We lowered the crib just in time. She now wakes up and then stands in her crib before making any noise. I find her looking at me each time I go in to get her.
She finally started holding her bottle on her own. This really hasn't been her fault since we hadn't used that many bottles at home, and I never really made her. She has been able to do it for a couple of months, but why do it if Mama will do it for you? Now that she is holding it on her own, I like to title the following picture, FREEDOM!! If I knew how amazing it would be for her to hold her own bottle, I would have made her do it a long time ago.
She is such a good eater. She has been eating watermelon, avocado, eggs, english peas, sweet potatoes, squash, broccoli, cheese, and cheerios all by herself. I'm so proud of my big girl! She loves to prop one foot up on the high chair while eating. It cracks me up.
Monkey Toes

 One of my best friends, Jennifer, came and visited this week for our 30th birthdays. It was so much fun to see her, and it was perfect timing since John was away for a military training. We had a nice birthday breakfast! Even Quinn had a couple pieces of the cake.

 We had a fun few days. We walked the bridge, downtown, and we all went to the beach. It was Quinn's first time at the beach, and I'm not so sure she is a big fan. She wanted to eat the sand, but she definitely looked cute while hanging out on the beach.

We are now going to Mississippi soon. I'm so excited for everyone to see Quinn. The last time we were home was Easter, and she has changed so much since then. Now we just need to figure out the best time to make the 9hr drive with an 8 month old. I'm voting for night time because I can always drink coffee, and it's much better than an unhappy baby:)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

7 to 8 months old

I still cannot believe that Quinn is 8 months old already! I meant to write her 7th month post before I went on my surprise birthday trip, but I didn't make it. More on the trip later...now for some highlights over the past month.

Up until right before she turned 7 months old, Quinn was not a fan of baths. Her Nana got her a seat to sit in for Easter, but that only helped for about a week or so. All of that changed once we put a mat in her tub and let her just sit with her toys.

Now she LOVES bath time!! She turned 8 months this past week, and her new favorite thing to do in the tub is to use the side to stand up. She is so focused! I've tried to distract her with toys, water, singing, but all she wants is to pull herself up! I've bathed her standing the past 2 nights.

Since John and I both have very curly hair, I knew the curl was coming. It showed up a few weeks after she turned 7 months, and it is right on top of her head!

I could not get it to lay down for about a week, and her new nickname at daycare was "alphalpha." Luckily, I figured out that it will lay down as long as I brush it right when she gets out of the bath. I know I'm going to have my hands full once it gets thicker, but I have 30  years of training on dealing with curly hair.

I am now home with her during my summer break, and it is amazing! She will be in the class above the newborns when we go back, and it was sad to leave her friends. Luckily, a few will be moving up with her!
Last day of daycare before summer

Her daycare providers were trying to get her to take better naps in her crib the few weeks before summer break. There was a little tough love along with putting a blanket over the side of her crib. She will sleep as long as doesn't realize she is missing anything. We definitely have a social butterfly on our hands!! She will not go to sleep if she thinks she is going to miss anything, and she gets so upset right before she gives in and falls alseep. She also started holding her bottle the last week of daycare. We don't give her many bottles at home, and I haven't worked on her much with this. We have been using her sippy cup for the past month, and she does great with drinking water from it.

On June 16th, I noticed that she had gotten her first tooth! Then I realized that it was actually two bottom front teeth that had broken through!! One day I will get a picture! It hasn't happened yet. She is still teething pretty badly. She has woken up a lot over the past week in pain. We have learned that frozen waffles help:)

Frozen fruit helps a lot too. I'll be glad when we get a little relief from teething. When she is not teething so badly, she usually sleeps well. We still can't get her to drop the 2am feeding, but I've gotten used to it. I keep telling myself that there will be a day that I miss this snuggle time, but I could use a few more nights with 8 consecutive hours of sleep:).

We have made new friends! One of my good friends, Laura D., set us up with a couple of her friends that just moved to Charleston. They have an adorable little girl named, Wylie, and we went swimming in their pool a couple of weeks ago. It was Quinn's first time in the pool, and she loved it! She just kept kicking and trying to blow bubbles in the water like she does in her bath.

She is so close to crawling! She teases us by getting on all fours and rocking back and forth. Not being able to crawl has not stopped her from getting where she wants to go at all. She rolls or scoots, and I now feel like she isn't safe anywhere that is elevated. She goes across the bed in seconds, and she also is out of her bumbo seat before I can turn around. Now she has her own space on the floor that is blocked from the dogs. Even that space isn't safe anymore, her new favorite thing to do is pull herself up to a standing position. She tries to pull herself up on everything! I caught her trying to pull herself up on our fireplace this week, and she was so excited to be standing in her pack n play yesterday.

 This is what I walked in on in her nursery after I got her dressed for the 4th.

I think it is time to lower the crib. She looked so cute on the 4th. I loved the little outfit that we had for her. I hate that the only good picture I got was with my Iphone, and it is a little blurry.

You can see the little spot on her cheek. We learned a couple of months ago that she has a bad reaction to bug bites just like her Nana and Daddy, but this was different. About a week before the 4th, I noticed this awful raised area on her leg and face when we woke up that morning. The spot was rough and almost looked like a burn on her leg. I took her to the doctor, and it was just an infection due to a bug bite. After a week of topical antibiotics, we could actually see the bug bite on her leg, and it is finally starting to go away. She is weighing in at 19 pounds 5 ounces.

She turned 8 months old this past Tuesday, and the best picture I got was her in her new onesie from my cruise.
We started more finger foods over the last month, and she loves the baby puffs and little munchies. I tried some steamed vegetables a couple of weeks ago with her, and she was not interested. This week, I gave her some steamed zucchini and broccoli with garlic, and she loved it!! She actually wanted more.

I've been very ready to give her real food for so long. I'm so excited that she is finally eating other foods than her baby food.

It is crazy how fast she is growing up. I feel like it is something new every day. She has picked up on the fact that I put my hand on our stair railing when I go up the stairs. Now she sticks her hand out to hold on too. It is so cute. She also knows to stick her hand under the faucet when we go to the sink to wash her hands when they are sticky.

I can't believe that I've almost been out on summer break a month. I will be back to work before I know it. I'm loving every minute of being home with our munchkin.  Daddy had her for the 5 days that I was on my cruise, and we came home to a spotless house!! It let me know that I'm slacking:) He is such a great father! It was perfect bonding time for the two of them. Next post will be about my trip.